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3 Unusual Uses Of Hair Straightener That You Ignore!

It's a safe bet that your hair straightener is the ally of your most beautiful brushings and that you handle it like a pro! However, a straightener can allow you to achieve many hairstyles. And even help you out with several daily tasks! We won’t talk about cooking a fried egg on the hair straightener’s plates, but we will discuss pragmatic and realistic unusual uses of the straightener. To use your hair straightener in unique ways, you need to buy the best hair straightener consumer reports.

Curling your hair

Some straighteners have plates thin enough to be 2 in 1 device! Therefore, you can use them not only for straightening your hair but also for making curls. It is up to you to change your hairstyle when the heart tells you. For this, the device must have rather thin plates. You just need to pinch a wick between the plates, but instead of going down to smooth, you wrap it 2 times around the plate. Break the movement of the wrist at 90 degrees then go down. The wick will come out fully curled! Repeat on all the strands and you will have pretty curls.

Create ripples

This method is very similar to curls. Again, wedge a wick between the plates, except that you will only wind the wick once. Place the iron vertically then go down. You will get a loop. Continue through all of the hair. Then, break the curls with your fingers. To do this, you just have to let your fingers slide through your hair. Fix with a little hairspray and you will have beautiful beach waves with a hair straightener.

Iron your clothes

Your hair straightener can help you achieve many hairstyles, but can also help you out at the last minute. We don't recommend doing this every day, but every now and then it can be handy. Set the temperature between 210 and 230 degrees, and then smooth out any wrinkles in your clothes. The ideal is still to use a steam iron. This will not damage the straightener or the garment, and the steam will leave the garment perfectly ironed. You just have to pass the fabric between the plates and go down slowly. Be careful not to burn yourself and not to stay too long on the garment so as not to burn it either!