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4 Types of Grey Texture Wallpaper & Ways to Add it in your Bathroom

Wallpapers are the most effective and attractive way to add a classy touch to your home décor as per your preference. You can brighten your bathroom space with the grey texture wallpaper. These days’, premium quality wallpaper replaces the traditional wall paint. There are endless wallpaper options available for the bathroom. You can add a personal touch to your bathroom with the wallpapers and also make it a well-decorated place.

Various types of bathroom wallpapers: –

There are plenty of wallpapers; you can pick anyone for your bathroom according to your preference and style. Below list of the bathroom wallpapers materials are available that you can choose to enhance the look of your space: –


1. Vinyl wallpaper:

Vinyl wallpaper is the most durable and common type of wallpaper that is highly chosen for kitchens and bathrooms. They have come with various additions and features such as washable. You can remove the mark and stain from the wallpaper surface with a damp cloth. Apart from it, they are effective during high humidity conditions and work exceptionally well.

2. Embossed wallpaper:

Embossed wallpapers consist of the raised textural effect and are created when the designs are pressed onto the paper. The design of this type of wallpaper varies from simplistic patterns to complex geometric designs. You can easily install and remove embossed wallpaper from the wall. Besides, they have also come with the washable feature as like the vinyl wallpaper.

3. Non-woven wallpaper:

The breathable wallpaper is a great blend of natural and synthetic fibers. They are tear-resistant and user-friendly wallpaper that is made by using environment-friendly materials, and you can use them for an extended period.

4. Fiberglass wallpaper:

These fiberglass wallpapers are made from non-toxic materials like lime or soda. Additionally, these types of wallpapers are incredibly compatible with the bathrooms, and they can also work against mold growth and are water-resistant.

Ways to use wallpaper in your bathroom: –

Categorization: If your bathroom has a separate stall area apart from the bathroom, then you can go with the wallpaper for the stall area. This method will save your wallpaper from moisture and separate the two areas.

Go for the unexpected: If you are styling your kid’s bathroom, it is important to add a fun element to the place with the wallpapers.

Create an accent wall: If you want to make your bathroom more attractive and appealing, you can add the wallpaper only on the one wall in your bathroom to make it stand out.

Stripes: You can make your bathroom look exceptional by adding attractive stripe design wallpaper.

Wallpaper the ceilings: The ceiling is mostly ignored in any space or room. You can make your bathroom more attractive and organized by adding the wallpaper of your choice on the ceiling. You can make your bathroom a perfect look by adding soothing color wallpaper. Apart from it, wallpapers on the ceiling can also be higher in the space than they are.

In summing up

Wallpapers are a great option for the bathroom. There are various types of grey texture wallpaper that are perfect for your bathroom space.