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About us

When we first opened the doors of the Auld Shillelagh in 1991 it was just a tiny pub consisting of the bar, some bar stools and a single toilet with a dart board on the door. From the start we were determined to create a traditional pub with well kept beer, a friendly atmosphere, professional bar staff, and to serve the best Guinness in London.

Over 20 years have passed and the pub is now 3 times longer with a beer garden out the back that faces the sun for most of the day, we have live music every week and show all the major sporting events on multiple big screens.

We also still take pride in looking after our beers, the Guinness is regularly touted by reviewers and customers alike as the best in North London, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and we would put our bar staff up against the best of them.


As late as the 1930’s cattle and sheep regularly were driven up and down Church Street. Today it is one of the most lively thoroughfares in London with a wide mix of restaurants, music venues, pubs and bars. And right in the middle is The Auld Shillelagh run by Roscommon folk and serving the world.

From the outside it looks very small, and yet as soon as you walk in you realise that it stretches a long way back. At the rear is a new beer garden, which for much of the year is a great sun-trap.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the village of Stoke Newington and the surrounding area was much visited by London’s town folk who came out to the area, to visit the many inns and pubs. So nothing has changed, with people from all over London and beyond coming to take their pleasure.

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