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All About Tex Mex and Mexican Food

Today almost every major city in the world has a restaurant that bills itself as Mexican cuisine. In fact, much of what passes for Mexico in an international setting is actually a mixture of recipes that have come to be known as the Tex Mex.

Food historians say that Tex Mex cuisine originated nearly 200 years ago when northern Mexico and what became Texas were under the same ruler.

In fact, Spain dominated the Mexican government invited people to come to Texas Anglo south as settlers, in order to build the population and the economy. You can also check out the latest Chilis menu prices online for delicious Tex-Mex cuisine.

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With porous borders, people and food to travel back and forth with ease, blending smoothly until some could say what the original Texas food and what is genuine Mexican food, with a touch of Spain.

So Tex Mex was born, a powerful combination of warm beef, sometimes pork or chicken, cooked with peppers, tomatoes, onions, corn and flour tortillas and beans, all the staples of the area. Gourmets started dressing hearty fare of yore with seafood and desserts such as flan and puff pastries known as sopapillas, usually served with honey.

However, the authentic Mexican cuisine is very different from his cousin mixed, Tex Mex. Each country and some areas in Mexico have traditional dishes with a very great culinary history.