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Allworx Mobility is Best in Class

The Allworx phone system has proven to be extremely popular. Every month, thousands of customers choose Allworx Verge software and phones to help them run their businesses more efficiently. 

Customers have quickly adopted advanced features and love how easy they are to use. A mobile device connected with an Allworx Verge Phone can provide powerful business communication features such as Bluetooth, remote control, real-time contact sharing, and call handoff. You can find the best Allworx phone system via

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Integration is essential. Allworx's latest software releases make it possible for mobile devices to be used in business applications. 

Mobile and wireless networks have improved tremendously over the years, and users' expectations have increased. There have been significant advances in mobile hardware and mobile operating system technology. 

Allworx's latest Allworx Reach mobile apps take advantage of mobile operating systems and mobile hardware advancements. This results in a first-of-its-kind user experience for customers.

Allworx Reach iOS 5.1 is available for Apple users. It supports the standard iOS "CallKit” interface and allows Reach to be used as an integrated business extension on the Allworx Server by:

1. Answering calls even if your phone is locked

2. Answering calls via Bluetooth

3. Answering a Reach call when another call (Reach, cellular) is being made

Each mobile operating system (Android, iOS) has presented unique challenges and opportunities for VoIP applications over the years. This meant that Allworx's development team had to develop and evolve a new path for each application on the Reach platform.