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An Introduction To ELISA

ELISA is a plate-based assay technique: it involves the use of a solid surface, usually a polystyrene multiwell plate, which distinguishes ELISA from other antibody-based assays. In ELISA, the analyte is immobilized in the sample on a hard surface, while the other sample components are removed with a detergent solution.

In this way, the solid surface allows the analyte to be separated from the sample. After the analyte is immobilized, an enzyme-linked antibody is added to form an antigen-antibody complex. 

Finally, the enzyme-substrate is added to react with the enzyme. Enzymatic reactions produce a visible signal, usually a measurable color change. There are many companies available from where you can easily buy Human Beta Nerve Growth Factor / NGF Beta / NGFB ELISA Kit PicoKine online.

Due to its convenience and effectiveness, ELISA is widely used in disease diagnosis, biomedical research, and various industries. Almost all types of molecules (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, etc.) can be detected by ELISA.

The use of ELISA to determine serum antibody/antigen concentrations helps in the diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Commercially available ELISA kits for diagnosing HIV/AIDS, influenza, colds, cholera, WNV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and many other infectious diseases in humans and animals are available. ELISA is also used as a diagnostic tool in plant pathology.

In addition, ELISA is used for vaccine development, drug screening, and home pregnancy tests. In the food industry, ELISA is a useful tool to ensure food safety and quality, as it can detect contaminants in food such as allergens.

When you need an ELISA kit to analyze a sample, how do you choose the right one from the many commercially available ELISA kits?

There are many types of ELISA such as a direct, indirect, sandwich, and competitive. Apart from the type of ELISA and packaging specifications, there are other important factors to consider when choosing an ELISA kit.