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Basic Information on Indoor or Green Plants

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If you look at the definition, it is relatively easy to understand. Indoor plants are plants that require very little water and lighting conditions for their growth and survival. The definition, however, does not define the entire picture of indoor plants. This is because indoor or green plants comprises of different types and sizes where some require a moderate level of water for their growth and survival while others require even lesser than the moderate level. Let’s look in-depth on these amazing indoor plants.

The Features –

  1. Root System – A healthy indoor plant is supposed to have a healthy and strong root system. If you’re on the hunt for an indoor plant for your home, then consider looking for thick roots with light shades of color.
  2. Foliage – A thick foliage is an indicator of a healthy indoor plant.
  3. Diseases – Similar to humans and animals, even plants are bound to catch diseases. Make sure you look for signs such as sticky residue, bad smell, white dots etc, which indicate that the plant isn’t in good condition.

The Types – Here’s a list of indoor plants growing and surviving under low lighting conditions.

  1. Peace Lily – This plant requires moist soil conditions for their growth and survival. However, anything extra will the plant.
  2. Philodendron – A slightly on the expensive side however, great for many plant enthusiasts. Low light and less attraction for insects and flies make it an ideal choice for many indoor plant lovers.

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