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Bass Fishing Guide And Techniques

If you haven't been to Florida, this is a new experience. These are the techniques that guides use to catch and capture these massive bass. Horizon Fishing Charter has been fishing many tournaments over the years and has developed some lure patterns, lure selections, and techniques. Guides use the Wild Golden Shiners of Florida as their primary method to catch these giants. 

The Florida bass is a harder fish to catch. These fish do not swim in the shallow, warm waters of Florida. The bass fishing techniques that Horizon Fishing Charter anglers use are different from those used by Florida anglers. Drifting is a great way to cover large areas. This method is great for both finding and catching fish. The best and most efficient method of fishing for Florida bass is drifting. 

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This technique can be used to cover large areas. This technique is especially useful for shallow lakes that have a lot of subsurface hydrilla. It's been said that 90% of fish live in 10 percent of the lake. This is the fastest method to get your 10%. Florida lakes are generally large, shallow bodies of water with a mean depth between 6 and 8 feet. 

Contrary to reservoirs with creek channels, tree stands and well-defined points, current, etc., Florida lakes are large shallow bodies of water. Florida bass are difficult to pattern because they can be found anywhere in these large shallow lakes. This is the act of pulling the shiner along the grass line with the trolling motor.

You can pull by lining the shiner in front of the boat without a float or using it as a free method. These simple bass fishing techniques and guides will help you have an unforgettable fishing vacation.