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Beautiful Places For Diving In Thailand

Scuba diving is the best way to spend your holiday in Thailand. In Thailand there are many delightful and different types of dive sites. Thailand is the perfect country for scuba diving holiday.

There are also spectacular coral gardens, undersea rock formations, various types of coral, sharks, fish, manta rays and hearts of shipwrecks. You can also look for the best scuba diving in Thailand and enjoy the warm and crystal water.

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There are so many good sited that choosing the best one can be very difficult. If you want to scuba dive or snorkel. Diving in Thailand is a very popular way to spend your vacation.

Similan Islands are located 50 km to the West of Khao Lak. Similan Islands is the most popular dive sites in Thailand and they claim to be one of the best dive sites in Asia. Similan Islands also includes nine Similan islands as a mean number nine in the Malay language.

All the nine islands are famous for stunning reefs, soft corals and variety of beautiful sea life. In the Similan Islands it is possible to see chevron barracuda, giant trevally, leopard sharks and rainbow runners.

The most popular island of the Similan Islands is Ko Bon. Ko Bon has steep walls are 35 meters and that was followed by a stepped ridge that drops 45 meters.

Other popular dive sites in the Similan Islands is Stonehenge which is a towering rock formation is great and where there is a variety of marine life.