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Building Security Management – Are You Safe?

In the middle of the workplace, whether you are a large, medium, small business, or even working from home, there are security issues relating to personnel, premises, general security and systems to consider. Security considerations are pretty much the same for every company – even for self-managed companies.

There should always be a process safety plan for businesses of all sizes and an emergency action plan and an occupational health and safety plan. You must have a basic building security system management to achieve adequate and superior security. 

7 Office Security Measures to Keep Your Workplace Safe

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o The design and layout of your building should be open and undisturbed, well lit indoors and have a clear view to the front, sides, back and the entire roofline. Windows and entrances, exits, sheds or sheds must not be obstructed in any way. 

If a new building is to be built, seek advice on planning from a security advisor. Don't just take the word architect or builder for security designs. 

o If you have a fence, make sure it is 2 m high, have barbed wire or electrical skills if necessary and properly repaired.

o Gates must be closed after working hours and when not in use the fences and gates must be cleaned of debris and other objects so that no one can use them to climb over the fence.

o Cameras also need to be serviced, repaired, cleaned and inspected – every 3 to 6 months. The safety system should be inspected (passed by sensor test) once a month and checked and maintained regularly for maximum use.