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Chinese Translation – Discover The Largest Market In The World

Everyone is talking about how much the Internet has expanded its business potential. 90% of the Chinese population can read and write, but only in their mother tongue, Chinese. Although the government has started promoting English as a second language in order to compete effectively in this market, your product literature needs to be translated into Chinese. You can also take help from the best Chinese marketing translation services to learn Chinese.

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Although its grammar is similar to English in many ways, Chinese is a sign language. Printed documentation, marketing materials, instruction manuals, and software code, including websites, require special handling. Latin letters in English can be processed using the 16-bit code system, but because Chinese has more than 10,000 "characters", a 32-bit code system is required.

Many software packages already support Chinese features, but just because your word processor can generate Chinese characters doesn't mean it can provide Chinese translations or do the job of making Chinese copies effectively.

Of course, like any translation, the Chinese translation is a must-read for your target market. There are four main dialects of Chinese. If you advertise in Taiwan, the dialect you want to translate into your Chinese is different from the dialect in Beijing. Uploading your documents via an electronic translator is not enough.

You must ensure that your document is certified by a native speaker. Not only is the grammar different, but the idioms are also different depending on the region you want to sell to. 2 billion people live in China. Don't let ineffective translation stop you from reaching this huge market.