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Correcting A Lazy Eye

Lazy eye or amblyopia is a condition characterized by a poor vision which is most often associated with severe nearsightedness or farsightedness. Amblyopia affects mostly infants and toddlers. Eyes may appear normal at first but if not treated at an early stage can lead to blindness or loss of vision in the lazy eye. An individual who has amblyopia could not see clearly because of the homeless problem in the path between the eyes and nerves. It can be cured by early detection and regular treatment.

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Diagnosis of the problem at an early stage is the best solution for amblyopia. This is a curable eye disorder and early detection can save the person's eyes. At an early age, children with amblyopia may complain of blurred vision in one eye. This should not be negated because it can be a symptom of the disorder. 

To fix it, patching is done. Patching allows the brain to adjust by using both eyes. In addition to the patch, another option for the treatment of lazy eye includes vision therapy. The use of customized equipment for the patient that includes prisms, lenses, and filters. This technique, however, is not a complete guarantee and quite expensive.

A surgical procedure like LASIK can be performed in extreme conditions where problems have become more severe. Before the procedure, there are some screening tests to be done for this surgery.