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Enhancing Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

Every Lithium-ion battery begins to degrade the moment it leaves the manufacturer. After two to four years of normal use, most Lithium batteries exhibit a substantial reduction in their charge carrying capacities and need to be replaced.

Your usage patterns significantly influence the rate at which this degradation process occurs and can ultimately mean the difference between needing a replacement in four years as opposed to one. You can look for Sony 18650 battery for Sale via Vape Batteries.

The following tips will help you get the most out of your battery, and are based on both consumer testimony and computer manufacturer recommendations.

Heat is probably the most important thing to avoid if you are trying to extend battery life. A battery is a consistently hot age much faster than one stored at room temperature. Apple recommends keeping your laptop in an environment between 50 F and 95 F, with the ideal room temperature. *

To keep your laptop – and batteries – at the optimum temperature, should be used on a flat surface that facilitates airflow through the vents underneath. A cooling station is a great way to keep the air circulating.

Unlike the Nickel-Cadmium batteries last decade, you should avoid completely depleting your lithium-ion battery – except when calibrating it. My rule is to recharge before the battery drops below 50%.

In short, Lithium-ion batteries prefer everything in moderation. They do not like being too hot or too cold, and they do not have to keep it fully charged or fully discharged for long periods of time.