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Fast-Charging With Wireless Charger

Although it may appear technical, the difference between EPP and BPP can have a major impact on how wireless charging works. Wireless charging products for mobile devices use either EPP or BPP (5 W maximum), so you might assume that an EPP charger will provide faster charging. This is not always true.

You don't need to connect a cable to your phone for wireless charging. Have you ever plugged in your phone only to find that your cable wasn't working? And your phone is still dead? That problem is solved by various wireless charging devices being made. You can buy a wireless charger through table via to overcome this issue

In such types of devices, you can simply place your phone on the charging pad and it will start charging immediately.

When it comes to charging speed, the most important factor is your mobile device's power. 

Even if both your charger and phone support fast wireless charging you can still be slow if you choose the wrong accessory. Your wall adapter and cable must both be capable of receiving enough power to enable fast charging. 

If you have a 10W charging pad that is plugged into a 5W wall charger, it will only charge at 5W, so you won’t be able to enjoy fast charging. Fast wireless charging can only be achieved if your wall charger, cable, or device supports enough power.