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Get the T-Shirts For Men

A T-shirt is a garment that a man can wear in wild colors and still get away with it. Full-sleeved next-level t-shirts look great when they are two-tone, blended, or edgy instead of solid tones. Three-quarter sides look better on a lean torso. But, generally, three-quarter sleeves are not very attractive on men.

Opt for bright colors in summer. It not only matches with the season but also makes you feel cool as bright colors do not absorb much heat. For darker skin tones, earthy colors like mustard or green look good. Bright colors like orange suit fair skin better.

If you are going for a distressed look, then take care of the fit. If it's a half-sleeved next-level shirt, make sure the arms fit snugly. However, it shouldn't be tight on the chest or shoulders and certainly shouldn't be narrow at the sides either.

The graphic prints on the t-shirts are cool. And, if it is a single-tone t-shirt, it makes the print stand out. Make sure the paint you choose doesn't cover the entire T-shirt and assure that the print matches the color of your T-shirt.

Striped T-shirts are great. Try green combinations instead of the regular white, black and blue. If you're heavy on top or heavy on top, go for wide stripes. Wide stripes can make you look slimmer than you are.

Some Suggestions:

• When you buy a T-shirt with a round or V-neck style, stretch the neckband slightly. If the neckband feels tight or tight, it's best to avoid buying it.

• T-shirts that fit the hip are best. Now and then they look dull and audacious.

• The sleeve of the garment should never come out. They should fit snugly around your arms.

• If you want your upper body to look slim, wear a dark T-shirt with light-colored denim.