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How Can You Iron Your Table Linens In Melbourne

This time of year, families start to take their holiday décor out of storage. Tablecloths in particular are something that we tend to spend a little extra money on, and want to keep looking perfect throughout the holiday season. It is important to properly preserve your tablecloth to keep it looking as though it is brand new each year. Checkout some tips below for your table clothes ironing:- 

  • Check your iron plate and make sure it’s clean and free from burn marks. There are commercial cleaning products you can use or try toothpaste. Wipe it completely clean before you start your ironing.

  • Check the steam mechanism as well. You can avoid mineral spots by using distilled water. Test the steam system on an old t-shirt or rag before starting to iron your tablecloth. You can even get help from the table cloth cleaning services for your upcoming events for your upcoming corporate or personal events. 

  • Start ironing on the wrong side of the tablecloth first. Once that side is completely finished, turn the tablecloth over and iron the front side. Avoid starches if possible as they can leave a film on the iron and the fabric. If you must use them, spray the area you are ironing with a light mist. More is not better in this case.

  • The iron should be on a medium setting to start. If the wrinkles aren’t being totally ironed out, you can slowly turn up the heat of the iron. Do this in small steps so that you don’t damage the tablecloth with too much heat.

  • Leave the ironed tablecloth out until it’s completely cooled down. You want to fold it so that it will fit on a padded hanger. Then cover it with a dark garbage bag that is open on the bottom and hang it in a cool, dry closet. The dark bag will protect it from light damage.