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How to Create the Facebook Messenger Bot

If you want to develop the Facebook Messenger Bot, firstly, you need to download the Facebook SDK and make a Facebook account. You can register for your account by clicking on the icon that says "add my account" at the bottom left of the page.

Just like other bots, Facebook Chatbot is also one of the most flexible platforms in the web development. So if you want to develop the bot for your own use, you may need to learn how to create this kind of software before you get started. The following steps will assist you in creating this kind of application for the internet.

After logging in, you need to click on the icon that says "create my application" and fill in the form for creating your API key. The code below is a guide on how to create your API key:

The Code: Remember to type the "API Key" after "n" and then enter the value "". It is very important that you enter the correct value for the API key as this will help your bot work better and easier.

After clicking on the "generate" button, you have to refresh the page that will allow the Bot to generate the code for you. The next step is to run the following command to obtain the provided code:

If you follow the directions above, you can now try to run the Facebook Messenger Bot application. In case if the command does not work, it means that you have to execute it manually and not through an automated mechanism.

For instance, if you do not have administrator rights on your computer, then you should execute the command manually from the command line. You can execute the command like this:

The Code: It is also very important to follow the instructions for how to get the error message that states "A problem has occurred during the process of loading" when you try to run the Bot.

If the error message does not tell you that you have to login, you need to access the web site that is being used by the bot and log in to the Bot by going to the same page. If you did not have administrator permissions, you need to click on the link in the error message and then use the same username and password that were used to login to the application.

The code that you need to start the Facebook Messenger Bot is basically the same as that which you use to access the SDK application. Just make sure that you have saved it on your computer before you start the Bot application.

Once you have registered the application on the website, you can now visit the URL of the Bot application and begin to use it to connect with the friends. To be able to do this, you need to type in the "callback URL" that you got from the developer's website in the address bar.

It is very important that you remember that the code for this kind of application is different than that of the SDK application. You should be able to execute it by clicking on the button to return to the main application page.