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How To Get Auto Body Repair Finishing Touches

If you take your vehicle into an auto body repair workshop numerous steps are performed prior to and following the actual repair is completed. One of the last steps to a car that has been repainted is to restore the emblems, side moldings, and body claddings to a newly painted area.

The past was when molds and emblems were attached to cars by screws or pins which were embedded in the molding or emblem and were inserted through openings in the body panels. Today, these things are virtually non-existent, and adhesive tapes are taking the place of the screws and pins. We always endeavor to offer the best quality repairs to your vehicle's body at Perfect Auto Body.


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hey, have made things easier and more complicated at the same time since you must prepare the surface to ensure that the adhesive adheres well, and once you've glued it onto the surface, you're completed. There are no more bending nuts behind your body panels. However, the holes of the past were helpful to make sure that the moldings and emblems were aligned. Today, you'll need a tape that runs across the body to make sure that the mold is in a straight line and is true.

When you remove body moldings, take note that some of them are not recyclable. Certain are so thin that any bend that is in the opposite direction (such as when you pull it off) can create a ripple that can't be removed. There are also foil-like pieces inside some moldings which will begin to wrinkle after being removed.