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How To Grow The Esperanza Plant

Esperanza (Tecoma stans) goes by many names. You may also call it yellow bells, yellow trumpet, yellow alder, or hardy yellow trumpet. The large, trumpet-shaped, lightly-scented, golden-yellow-colored flowers of the tropical native are easily identifiable despite their various names.

They can be found blooming in spring and fall. Although esperanza perennials can be grown as container plants or shrubs in the landscape for their beauty, once they were very popular for their medicinal properties. One beer made from their roots was ever produced.

Esperanza Growing Conditions

Esperanza plants must be grown in conditions that are similar to their natural environments. They are often grown in containers that can be kept indoors. The plant must be in full sunlight.

 esperanza plant

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Planting Esperanza

Some people add slow-release fertilizer to their soil before they plant esperanza. They are planted mid-spring, after the threat of frost has passed. If they are to be planted outside, the planting hole should be approximately two to three times as large as the root ball and as deep as their pots. 

Multiple plants should be spaced at least 3-4 feet apart. Esperanza seeds (2 per pot) can be planted at a distance of approximately one-eighth inch (2.5 cm) when planning. Make sure to water the seeds well. They should germinate in two to three weeks.