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How To Keep Your Furnace In Good Shape?

Furnaces, just like all appliances, need to be maintained from time to time to keep working at their maximum potential. A little tinker here and a little tune-up there will go a long way in the lifespan of your furnace. But how often should you have your furnace serviced and who should you use out of all of the service professionals out there?

The timing of your service schedule will be mostly determined by which make and model of furnace you ultimately choose for your furnace purchase, or which furnace came with your home. If it is a used furnace or came with your home, you can find out the make and model by looking at the markings on the furnace itself. Then simply take that information and look it up online in a search engine of your choice.

For instance, if it is a Trane propane furnace, go to Trane's web site and look up the model number. You should be able to find some information there on suggested maintenance routines and service schedule, but you may need to call the company directly to find complete information on certain furnace models.

Finding a reliable, trusted furnace professional can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually easier than you think. Simply go online and do a simple Google search for local furnace contractors. 

Besides contact information, you will find some sites with reviews on these technicians and you should use these as your guiding force. These reviews are written mainly by past and current customers, just like you, and will give you a first-hand look at what to expect from this contractor over that one.

If you are not satisfied with the reviews you find and are still unsure of whom to go with for your furnace maintenance, try calling your furnace manufacturer directly. A lot of companies have referral partners in various areas that they recommend to their customers. 

This approach will generally net some good referrals as the contractor they recommend will typically go above and beyond expectations because they want to get more referral business in the future from the manufacturer and from you, the consumer.