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Information On The Screening Of Cancer In Kenya

Cancer is a six-letter word that usually evokes visions of death, injury, and despair. Synonyms are often used to avoid words because of the emotions they cause. Many health professionals refer to tumors, growths, or malignancies rather than cancer.

Cancer assessment refers to a method of detecting disease. The goal of screening is to identify any disease before signs or symptoms can develop. Screening involves assessing asymptomatic people and is carried out without the complex diagnostic tools used to screen symptomatic people.

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Some general principles must be considered in the early detection of disease. First of all, the disease must have special recognizable features.

Also, inexpensive screening tests and effective treatment of the disease must be carried out. Finally, disease rates must be high at a detectable preclinical stage. Screening should focus on people who are at high risk of developing cancer.

People with symptoms commonly associated with cancer should be thoroughly evaluated to determine their significance. The goal of screening and early detection is to detect the presence of this condition as early as possible.

If abnormalities are found, additional tests should be performed to determine the presence or absence of disease. This is why you need to know the key points for cancer prevention and detection so that medical care can come as quickly as possible.