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Items You Should keep away from a Hostel


Traveling the world requires one to pack their bags smartly. Many amateurs still make the mistake of stuffing their bags with items that aren’t going to be beneficial during their travel. While others make the mistake of bringing a massive bag that is not only heavy but also takes a lot of space. If you’re traveling and decided to stay in a hostel, then these are some items you should never bring along with you.

  1. Items that aren’t Cheap – Hostels do offer lockers to travelers. However, there are times where a traveler may not get one due to being full. If you’re still reluctant in bringing your expensive items such as laptop, camera lens, etc., then get a padlock that can be used on the bag. Moreover, ensure that you don’t flash your fancy items in front of other travelers.
  2. Calendar –If you’re a calendar dependent person, then understand that we live in the 21st century. The phone has the ability to show you the time, date. Therefore, avoid bringing one.
  3. Alarm Clock –Another item that is handy yet deserves to be left behind is an alarm clock. Use the alarm function of your phone if you wish to hear the sound of the alarm.
  4. Bad Attitude –Hostels keep entertaining many travelers coming from all over the world. This is when travelers prefer to talk to one another. Make sure you talk to them with the right attitude while having a conversation. A bad attitude will only result in travelers not preferring to hang around with you.

These are the items you should keep at home while traveling to Phuket hostels.