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Kitchens for Commercial Use – Getting the Right Design

Private kitchens, for instance, ones that are located inside the home, are typically designed for small-scale cooking for friends and family while a commercial kitchen, however, is massive, and typically used for cooking meals for sale, however certain locations, such as hospitals, B&Bs as well as workplaces and schools can be equipped with commercial kitchens.

When designing commercial kitchens there are numerous aspects to take into consideration. There are health and safety regulations that must be observed including the precise design of appliances. There are design issues that have to be resolved such as the larger kitchens will typically contain separate areas for cooking seafood, meats, salads desserts, and more. 

In such a kitchen it is crucial to have a similar set of workstations along with the appropriate appliances. For instance, it's logical to put a fridge close to the salad area in the kitchen, instead of having it on the opposite side of the kitchen. This can save time and energy and can help prevent any accident. There are commercial kitchens available for lease that commercial entities can rent for as long they require them. One can rent a commercial kitchen shared space via

There are many other things to consider too:

• Flooring: now, this may seem like a minor (although expensive) consideration, but actually, the correct type of flooring will help to ensure the efficiency of the kitchen. For instance, you may need slightly sloping floors, to ensure that any excess surface water can drain easily and that the floors are easier to clean.

Also, you may need to consider a non-slip floor, which is particularly important in a larger commercial kitchen, where there are many people walking around at any given time, many with hot plates, knives, or other dangerous items.

• Walls: again, these are important in ways you may not appreciate. Ok, so there is the obvious reason for walls, but there are other things to think about too. For example, it is better to have tiled walls, which are easier to wash down, and which therefore reduce the possibility of cross contamination, and consequently, food poisoning. If you prefer to paint the walls, then be sure to buy a washable paint.

• Lighting: again, paramount, but this time, a little more obvious how. It is important that lighting is carefully selected, that there is plenty of overhead lighting, but also lighting at the counters and work areas.