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Know About Proper Abrasive Blasting in Tulsa

The traditional use of sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, has been extended. Sandblasting, as its name suggests, uses a combination of wet and dry high-pressure methods to abrade metals or glass. 

Abrasive blasting, the industrial cousin to sandblasting, is a more technologically advanced solution that smoothes, shapes, or removes surface contaminants from materials. This can include metals and glass as well as fabrics. If you want to get the services of sandblasting in Tulsa, then you can search the web.


Types and methods of blasting

There is a variety of blasting methods, including the main types:

1. Wet abrasive – This allows you to use fine and coarse abrasives. The water used during the technique prevents any recontamination.

2. Bead – Removes surface deposits from materials using fine glass beads and high-pressure blasting.

3. Micro-abrasive – It is a dry process for abrasive blasting that allows very small abrasives, also known as pencil blasting, to be used to create designs on eggshells.

4. Wheel – It is an airless blasting technique. It uses the centrifugal force from a spinning wheel to force abrasives against the target.

These blasting techniques are used most often in commercial and industrial applications.

Before you decide on the right blasting equipment, techniques, and abrasives for your blasting project, consider your needs and specifications. To ensure that your needs are met, it is a good idea to speak with experts in blasting equipment manufacturing.