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LastSwab Beauty Reusable Cotton Swabs For Makeup Removal

We all do not intend to pollute the earth. Nobody intends to harm the reefs or increase the number of plastic bottles in our waterways or dump trash on our roads and in our cities. It is a frightening thought to think that micro-particles are in water and food. We are heartbroken that our waste could continue to live on for future generations.

What would happen if single-use products were discarded forever? What if we made a commitment to stop using single-use products? LastObject proved that reusable, sustainably manufactured products are better for you, your children, and the planet.

LastObject's LastSwab beauty is an eco-friendly option for single-use cotton buds, has a small environmental footprint. One LastSwap could prevent up to 1000 throwaway cotton buds from sending to waste!

LastSwab Beauty

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LastSwap Beauty's reusable cotton bud is a combination of a pointed tip with a round tip, and it is specially designed to clean tight spaces and make makeup touch-ups. This is a must-have item for your makeup bag.

It is made from high-quality, flexible, non-toxic, durable materials that are easy on the skin. LastSwab is conveniently stored in a corn-based case. It can be easily cleaned between uses.


This innovative design is durable and environmentally friendly. It features a soft-feeling pointed tip that's ideal for cleaning small spaces and making makeup touch-ups. The swab is available in a bio-based carry case that can be easily slipped into a makeup bag.