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Learn About Cuban Cigars


Premium hand-made cigars are available in many sizes and shapes. These two factors are fundamentally inseparable when it comes to the type of cigar. Therefore, the term "vitola" is used when referring to a cigar's category or classification.

Two measurements are used to measure best cigars sizes: the width and length. The ring gauge is the measurement of the width. The ring gauge measures the diameter of a cigar. The diameter sizes are measured in sixty-fourths of an inch.

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When it comes to shapes, premium hand-made cigars can be divided into two types. Parejo is the most common cigar shape. Parejos have a cylindrical body with straight sides and an open and closed-end. The size of the parejo-shaped cigar is what is used to classify it.

Each size of a parejo is given a name. It is important to remember that not all cigar manufacturers use the same size names for their parejos.

Figurado is the second type of premium hand-made cigar shape. Figurado can be described as any hand-made cigar that is not perfectly shaped.

The perfecto, torpedo, and pyramid are all examples of common figurados. These shapes can be classified as figurados in a variety of sizes, including length and ring gauge. They are not further classified based on their sizes.

Different sizes are best for different occasions and smokers. Some prefer an enormous cigar while others prefer a small corona. The amount of time you smoke can often determine this. You should also consider your tolerance to tobacco and the tobacco size. Sizes are shorter in length, but thicker and pack a stronger punch with every draw.