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Leaving Cert Grinds- Best Courses Offered In Ireland

Secondary school students who are entering their final two years of school will find Leaving Certificate Grits a significant benefit. Students who need to catch up on certain subjects or are having difficulty with a subject are able to take Leaving Certificate Grinds. 

Grinds are offered in evenings and weekends across Ireland. Many grinds are focused on mandatory subjects like Leaving Cert Maths and Leaving Cert Irish. Additional grinds are available in Leaving Cert French and Leaving Cert Biology. Leaving Cert History is also an option. 

These courses are designed to prepare students for the Leaving Certificate. Learn more about the leaving cert grinds via according to your requirements.


The Leaving Certificate course is a step-by-step tuition program with your tutor's feedback. You will notice real progress as you work steadily through each unit. Our students are encouraged by this. Our College students are able to have an extra edge on exam day by having written assignments and mock exams. 

Exam practice becomes much more familiar when you are able to write answers to common examinations. These answers are then corrected and graded for encouragement and guidance. We know the importance of exam preparation. 

Therefore, we provide an environment that allows students to learn at their own pace. Classes are designed to suit their individual needs. The classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who have a Master's degree.