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LED Is Becoming More And More Important

As market growth of demands, LED in traffic lighting, and special light lamp, various application of market share also in steadily improve, particularly lately smart mobile, and flat computer marketplace of started, LED marketplace of needs slowly to multiple changes, change has beyond single of market new needs, engineering, and technology content too in gradually of development and upgrade, LED tube lamp, associated industry entered a new development of new stage.

It's known, within the next five decades, the high-brightness LED (AlGaInP LED and comprises GaN) sector is still in a period of steady growth. If you want to explore regarding the LED strip clips, then search the browser.

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To 2008 about the US $ 5 billion. In 2011 than in 2010 by 25% high brightness LED production. Where the cellular communications industry has contributed 45%, residing in the first place, the next is the backlight of the display market. The third is the auto industry.

LED outside along with the advantages of better fuel economy in cars, also comprises a light period, small size, long life, in addition to cost savings and design flexibility. Now, the vehicle will require about 200 to 300 LED. LEDs in the evolution of the automobile industry can't be limited.

Features like LED with electricity, saving space, so the color for mobile phones, camera phones, and flip phones, is terrific for bright sources. So the next few decades, as to color photo of the cell phone market and the tendency of growth of bony, LED's position in the cell phone sector is becoming increasingly more important.