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Lighting Design: Strategy And Evaluation

Light design is not only an art, but also a science. Dark corners and dimly lit rooms are aesthetically uncomfortable and people tend to stay away from them.

Bad lighting can also diminish the color and texture of a part of life through humiliation. Bright light can also erase a room's color, and direct light often counteracts the subtle texture of walls and / or decorations.

Psychological and scientific research shows the benefits of mood and cognitive function in humans when there is enough light. You can also hire commercial lighting solution specialists for better lightening services.

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People tend to occupy rooms where the lighting is arranged to make the room warmer and more welcoming.

Therefore, a lighting strategy should be a priority when designing living spaces, as lighting affects the way space is collected and used.

When designing room lighting, consider the following elements:

Lighting always needs shadows to create contrast and attract attention. The lights above are lit, although they allow it to light up every corner of the room, which makes it the most monotonous and boring.

A residence usually requires 5 to 10 light sources to be well lit. The exact number of light sources also depends on the color theme of the room.

A black room needs more light than a room that is softer. Likewise, a highly decorated room will need more light sources to accentuate the room's features.