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Natural Supplements For High Cholesterol

As a general rule, many people including some in the medical community strongly encourage treating health issues with natural supplements. These can substitute for, or augment a prescription drug therapy.

Why is this idea of going green in the treatment of your health needs coming into vogue? Let’s take a look at some of these Natural ways to lower cholesterol.

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First, let’s look at red yeast rice. This was considered a favorite in the nineteen nineties for its ability to help lower HDL or bad cholesterol. It’s no longer sold in some countries because it was marketed as a natural supplement and reality had contained Lovastatin.

As the name implies, this was a statin drug marketed as a natural remedy for high cholesterol. In full disclosure, my own doctor pulled me off this product due to the effect the lovastatin was having on my liver enzymes.

It’s encouraging to know that going green can also include providing for good health by naturally lowering bad cholesterol.

Now that you know the benefits of garlic, plant sterols, and Omega 3 fish oil in promoting good health and lowering cholesterol, consult your doctor about including these efforts in the fight against high cholesterol and live well.