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Perfect Wine And Cheese Pairs

Pairing wine and cheese can seem overwhelming, and something only a trained professional should do. There are endless varieties of cheeses and wines to choose from, but if broken down into a few steps, it can be easier.

First, separate the wines into three categories: red wine, white wine, and sweet dessert wines. For cheese, you can begin with the source: cow, goat, or sheep.

Then select the sharpness: mild, medium, or robust. Here are the perfect wine & cheese pairs to get you started.

Riesling and Young Gouda Cheese

Rieslings give off the scent of peaches, plums, and cherries. This white wine has a lighter body than Chardonnay wine. When paired with young Gouda cheese brands, the flavours combine and become sweet with a soft bite or tartness.

Chardonnay wine and Mild Cheddar Cheese

Chardonnay wine is one of the most popular wines in the world. Fermented plump-green grapes and oak barrels give it its buttery mouthfeel. The fruitiness and crispness of the medium-body Chardonnay wine make it pair perfectly with mild cheeses.

Made from cow's milk, the creaminess of young cheddar cheese enhances the pear and apple notes of this white wine. Chardonnay wine is considered as the one of the most popular wines in the world.