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Popular Motorized Treadmill Features

Motorized treadmills have become the preferred method of exercise among consumers. They are easy to use, provide high speeds for a complete cardio workout, and offer more features than a regular manual treadmill. Many people consider motorized treadmills to be a better option because they do not need electricity, run on batteries, and require little maintenance. Unfortunately, these benefits also come with some drawbacks. Here are a few of the pros and cons of treadmills with motorization featured on

Pro: Affordable Maximum Load: Treadmills with motorization are less expensive than manual treadmills. They are convenient, simple, and easy to use. They provide a good cardio workout and a solid lower body workout for those looking to improve their cardiovascular health. Because there are few complicated electrical parts, it takes little maintenance. Manual treadmills are often smaller and lighter than motorized treadmills offering a wide range of convenient, varied running and walking patterns. When shopping for the best price, take into consideration the maximum load capacity.

Con: Lack of Features Speed Workouts: Running or walking on a motorized treadmill can be boring because of the lack of different incline and speed patterns. Running on an incline adds several calories over time, making it more effective than just simply walking on flat ground. The motorized treadmills also limit the amount of steps you can take during your workout. However, when considering price, consider the additional features and cost of electricity vs. the cost of the motorized treadmills.

Con: Memory and Other Non-ono Features: One of the major complaints about manual treadmills is that they do not have a memory or schedule system. This is often true of motorized treadmills but because the motorized treadmill stores the data used to determine your workout, the workouts stored on the machine are easier to recall and repeat. Also, the resistance and incline levels on a manual treadmill may be preset, limiting the variety and difficulty of workouts. A motorized treadmill, however, may offer as many as 50 different workout routines allowing you to create a variety of workouts to target specific areas of the body and burn various amounts of calories.

Con: Lack of Durability For the longest time, motorized treadmills tended to use gasoline as the main power source. However, newer motors are quieter and more efficient, which reduce the amount of electricity needed to operate the machine. Because of this, they now cost less than treadmills with gas motors. However, there is a trade off with increased expense for durability. Since newer motors do not need so much electricity to run, they can last longer and provide a higher quality of workout. But, they may also require more frequent repairs and maintenance which can become costly.

Con: No Safety Features Most safety features of treadmills include an automatic stop at the end of the running session to prevent the user from running out of calories. However, these types of motorized treadmills lack other important safety features like an emergency stop button in the event the belt gets caught up or snags on something. Also, if the speed brakes fail, there is no way to stop quickly without shutting the motor off immediately. If one of these belts is caught on something, the treadmill can become very dangerous.