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Proper Usage Of Dry Skin Cream

Getting what you pay for when you buy a cream for dry skin is very difficult because in fact most cosmetic companies don't develop quality products for their customers. The ingredients in this formula can actually dry out the skin instead of moisturizing and revitalizing it. How do cosmetics companies get away with selling products that don't work?

The truth is that the cosmetics industry is largely self-regulating, which means they can include almost anything they want in their dry skin cream. There are regulators such as the European Union and the US Food and Drug Administration, but in the case of the US FDA, their power is very small. The lack of regulation makes the cosmetic industry use substances in its products that can endanger health.You can also buy dry skin cream via

Most of the formulas on the market are rich in chemical preservatives and antibacterial agents that have been shown to cause organ toxicity, nervous system damage, and cancer. This formula is not safe for long-term use, but courts allow cosmetic companies to resell it. These products also often contain alcohol and mineral oil moisturizers that make your skin dry.

High quality creams for dry skin contain vegetable oils, waxes and extracts to provide adequate moisture and to provide your skin with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that ensure good health. This compound easily penetrates your skin and the plant derivatives fit your skin better than any other substance present.

Vegetable oils and waxes are very similar to the oils naturally produced by the sebum glands in your skin. On the other hand, oil-based moisturizers are much thicker than these oils, which in turn dry out your skin. Mineral oil, paraffin, and petroleum jelly cannot penetrate your skin effectively, but their presence on the surface of your skin and pores is causing something strange.