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Reasons that makes Fiji Island as an Ideal Wedding-moon Destination for Couples


The combination of wedding and honeymoon that happens in just one location is termed as Wedding moon. Many couples in the west are now considering wedding moon for a lot of good reasons. For once; it is considerably cheaper and second; couples get to save their time and energy. Fiji Island is now considered to be the next wedding moon destination for many couples. Let’s look at a few reasons behind this.

  1. Everything Happens in One Location – As mentioned before, wedding moon is all about the entire event of wedding and honeymoon happening in one location. Fiji is a great destination for couples who can invite just a few guests and have a wonderful time. However, bear in mind that privacy may become an issue for couples during the presence of the guests.
  2. You Save More – Wedding moon is like a private wedding where you only invite a few number of people. This allows you to save more where the couples can use the saved money for something else.
  3. You Get Deals – Couples are bound to get some awesome deals during wedding moon. Many resorts in Fiji offer deals for couples after getting married. Moreover, certain resorts also offer discounts for couples who arrive without prior notice. During such a time, the only thing couples need to do is to mention the resort that they are there to celebrate their honeymoon. 

These are some of the reasons as to why Fiji private island serves as a great destination for wedding moon couples.