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Tax Deductions You Shouldnt Miss Out


Many people usually forget to look at some of the details that are important during the time of doing taxes. Forgetting on these details can end up in disappointment for many in terms of applying for tax deduction in order to save more. These are some of the tax deductions you should pay attention to during the time of doing your taxes.

  1. Second Home – There is nothing wrong in owning a second home such as a boat, tiny house, fact remains, you should be able to deduct the loan interest on the mortgage and also on the property tax. Just ensure that your second home has bathroom facilities and kitchen regardless of the size.
  2. Returns on Negative Investment – If you feel that you are under the impression of negative return based on investments, then consider reviewing your portfolio. So; if you’ve gained on capital taxes then it’s alright even if the investment is sold later. However, if the investment is at a loss and sell it off, you can show this part as a form of reduced earnings.
  3. Reinvested Dividends – Reinvesting in dividends into mutual fund or stock is considered to be a good idea for all taxpayers. This has nothing to do with tax deduction but more on understanding the art of saving money especially if you end up spending extra on taxes.
  4. Alimony – Many couples undergo divorce becoming a problem for the one who is paying. However, if you’re the provider then considering showing this part as proof during the time of tax deduction.

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