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The Beginners Guide to Ayahuasca Healing

Ayahuasca, also identified as "Yage," it is a mind-altering potion made from two plants of Amazon: the Banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna grapes.

It is generally taken in the Amazon jungle as part of the ceremonies, guided by a shaman who sang traditional songs called icaros.

Chacruna contains dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a natural psychedelic compound. Their use is limited by many countries and may be illegal to own (including in the US), supply or prescribe. If you want to learn more about the ayahuasca retreat, then you can visit

The psychological effects of ayahuasca usually begin within 30-45 minutes after ingestion and will reach its peak in the first hour and second. The psychological effects of ayahuasca vary dramatically from person to person.

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Some psychological effects include a deep feeling of connection with the universe and a new sense of love, empathy, and compassion for everything that lives in it.

You may have a deep life-changing spiritual experience. Often people find relief from depression and experience deep healing emotional trauma of the past as well.

Some of the negative effects that one may or may not experience during the ceremony, including "fear, paranoia, feelings of loss of one's mind, to feel as if one is dying, extraordinary feeling unwanted, life unwanted or unexpected changing spiritual experience, personal revelation or relive the trauma of the past. "

You can find all over the web are anecdotal reports about people who have taken ayahuasca in ceremonies. They tell about the experience of revelation, suddenly awakened spiritual or understanding of their purpose on this planet.