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The Benefits of Orgonite for Pets

Orgone is the name Wilhelm Reich gave in the 1930s for life force, chi, chi, subtle energy or bioenergy. Orgone is a type of energy that defies many of Newton's laws of physics and is considered the energy that creates and heals life.

Every part of our orgone energy field is a powerful spiritual tool that can be used to enhance all areas of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can buy orgonite pyramid online.

Orgonite has many uses for humans and pets. This helps convert the lower vibrational energy, also known as negative energy, into higher vibrational energy. When you carry, hold or stand near a piece of orgonite, the orgone device removes negative energy from your field and creates a state of balance and health.

It can remove negativity from your environment and existence. It is also widely used to protect against wireless devices.

Orgonite is a filing series of metals, gemstones, stones, crystals and cables structured to protect our auric frequency and field. These items are held together by apoxy which makes them portable, or they can take the form that can be put on a shelf to protect your home from the electromagnetic pollution that is entering our world.

Advantages of Organ Technology

  • Feel more vitality and sleep well
  • Relieve mental and physical stress
  • Helps meditation and promotes spiritual growth
  • Revitalizing food, water, herbs and supplements
  • Create a more harmonious home and a more harmonious workplace
  • Be aware of negative energies
  • Removes emotional and energetic blockages