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The Importance of Belts in Taekwondo

The ranking systems used in Taekwondo are as varied and diverse as the organizations that manage the sport. The traditional belt structure is utilized as a reference point to determine whether they wish to utilize more gups than nine, or even fewer. 

There are different colors of belts, while some employ stripes to differentiate different ranks with the same color. The word "Gup" is a reference to "degree". 

The belts used in Taekwondo show the competence and the inner life of every member. The ability to advance to a different color of the belt is considered an accomplishment worthy of admiration. Many different kinds of belts are available. You can shop for Drako Taekwondo single wrap striped belt online.


The process of moving up in rank isn't just a matter of hours spent in training. It requires competence in the current belt's methods, which include basic moves, sparring, and forms.

The white belt is a symbol of purity. Since new students aren't aware of Taekwondo. It also symbolizes a clean slate.  The Orange belt, the 8th Gup illustrates the growth and development of the mind of the student similar to how it does when the seasons change in the fall. 

The KMAA considers that the belt of yellow, the 7th Gup as a sign of the earth and a foundation of Taekwondo fundamentals on which knowledge of more advanced levels can develop. They make use of the analogy of seeds expanding their roots to the earth as it starts to grow.

Taekwondo is a holistic and peaceful martial art. It is a way to teach unity, generosity, and respect for every living thing. Students must be able to demonstrate their competence in these areas as well as their physical capabilities before they declare themselves worthy of their belts.