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Tips On Working In A Greenhouse

Building and maintaining a greenhouse requires a lot of work, but your efforts will be rewarded in the form of fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables throughout the year.

When putting up a greenhouse, find a location that receives full sun, providing the light needed by plants. If summers are intense, use a cloth to provide shade as needed. It is also great to use systems to maintain the temperature inside your greenhouse. You can also use glasshouse automation systems for the efficient growth of your plants.

Increase Ventilation

Adequate ventilation and airflow are needed to prevent greenhouses from becoming overly moist and humid, which encourages mold and fungal disease.

To aid air circulation, spread plants around the greenhouse, instead of cramming them into a corner or other small space, increasing humidity.

In the morning, leaving the door of the greenhouse open will allow fresh air inside, but if bugs are a problem, considering installing a screen door as well.

After harvesting your plants, or when they die at the end of the growing season, pull them up from the soil in your greenhouse.

The leftover plant matter can be tossed in a compost pile and used to fertilize the next season's newcomers. Removing dead plants also keeps pests away and helps the soil to remain nutrient-rich.