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Tips To Help You Deal With Your Puppy’s Separation Anxiety

Dogs hate separation. They would always stay by your side if they could. We wish they could, but they are unable to travel with us everywhere. Separation anxiety can cause a puppy to act in destructive ways, such as chewing, soiling the house, barking excessively, and other destructive behaviors. Your puppy's behavior, when left alone, is not an act of aggression. It is simply how they deal with anxiety.

Your puppy will feel secure and familiar when you are with them. If you feel that your puppy needs help with separation anxiety, you can contact experts who are professionals in dealing with dog separation anxiety. In the meantime, here are some tips that will help you manage your puppy's behavior.

 separation anxiety

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You should not correct your puppy after it has happened. Your puppy won't be able to link the correction to their bad behavior. They will instead connect your arrival with it.

Avoid exaggerated goodbyes and hellos. Do not try to comfort your dog by giving him kisses, affectionate gestures, or expressing love when you leave or come home. This will only cause him to be stressed.

It might be a good idea for him to listen to the radio while you're gone. This will help drown out any strange sounds that could cause him to get excited. You should leave your puppy something to play with while you are gone. You can give your dog something to do while you're away.

You should consider letting someone else take your dog for a walk if you're going to be away for more than eight hours. To prevent your puppy from damaging it, you can puppy-proof your home if you have to. If you're going away for a long time, don't keep your dog in a restricted area.