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Video Forensic: Emergency Notification Systems

Technology is growing faster than anything else in this world. How do I know this? Because being a video forensic expert, I am at the forefront of investigating new technologies and systems as implemented in the law enforcement community.

Till now I have examined several forensic softwares such as video enhancer, image authentication software, etc. I recently came across the public safety system. The system is capable of doing more than just capturing audio and video recordings of area coverage has been determined.

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If a municipality has installed a public security system in their community which includes complicated sensors and cameras connected to the 911 call center software, they can tell the camera sensor and 911 minutes of delivery before anyone can make a call to the same call center. This reduces the response time of emergency.

For example, let's say that the busy intersection has a public safety system installed. An accident occurred at the junction. The equipment will automatically notify the 911 call center that this area of the crash of seconds, if not minutes-before anyone can put calls into the same call center.

This equipment is saving lives and will continue to improve the technology, keeping us on our feet forensic experts. It is the task of forensic experts to understand how this equipment works and use that knowledge to help the court better understands the evidence presented in the litigation that has been made in this high-tech equipment.