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What are Oxford Dress Shoes? And How Are They Different from Other Shoes?

The oxford traditional leather shoe originated in Scotland or Ireland. This type of shoe is made from heavy leather and has enclosed lacing. Original oxford shoes were made of leather that had not been tanned, and they were not particularly ornate. Oxford shoes can be made in many styles and materials today, including suede, leather, and synthetics. These shoes can be worn by both men and women as dress shoes. Also, you can search Poyter as it provides you with the best handmade oxford shoes.

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There are five types of men's oxfords: kilties (wingtip), saddle (open laced), and open laced (closed laced). Open laced shoes have the sides sewn to the top front. They appear like they are in sections when laced. The Balmorals, or closed lace, feature laces that are sewn underneath the shoe's front with the tongue covered. This creates footwear that looks like it is made in one piece.

The kiltie is a very popular style. They have a fringed leather tongue that covers the eyelets and laces, and sometimes feature tassels. Saddle oxfords have a unique appearance. They have a piece of leather that has been shaped into a saddle that is a different color from the rest of their shoe. The wingtip is by far the most popular oxford shoe. The wingtip has fancy leather embroidery that looks like wings. 

They are durable and last the longest. A pair of black shoes would be a better choice than a pair in Burgundy, as these will work well with most colors of pants. A matching belt is also a must. Nothing looks more absurd than a man wearing black shoes and a brown belt. No matter what style of oxford you choose, you'll be happy with how they look and the comfort.