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What Are the Services of Network Security in Computer Network?

Computer network security is a set of measures that a company or other organizations take to prevent outside attackers from accessing their computer networks. Different approaches to computer network security management require different requirements, depending on the size and complexity of the network.

Large businesses, however, require extensive maintenance to protect their network from malicious attacks.

Computer network security services offers network security in a variety of ways:

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Message Non-repudiation

Message nonrepudiation is when a sender cannot deny having sent a message that they actually did send. The receiver bears the burden of proof. When a customer requests to transfer money to one account, for example, the bank must be able to prove that it was actually requested by the customer.

Authentication of Entities

Entity authentication (or user ID) verifies the identity of the entity before granting access to system resources (files).

Confidentiality of Messages

Message confidentiality, or privacy, means that both the sender (and the receiver) expect confidentiality. Only the intended receiver can understand the message. The message must not be understood by anyone else. Customer communication with her bank must be confidential.

Integrity of Messages

Message integrity is the requirement that data arrive at the receiver exactly the way they were sent. The transmission must not be altered, either intentionally or maliciously. Integrity is essential as more and more transactions are made over the Internet.