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What Does A Muslim Lawyer Do?

While every lawyer has their own unique set of skills and expertise, a Muslim Lawyer can help guide them in this life-changing decision. By utilizing the expertise that they have in religious law and culture, they are able to help those who feel unsure about their status as Muslim or non-Muslim.

A muslim lawyer in Phoenix represents Muslims in legal proceedings, advises them on religious and legal issues, and provides assistance with citizenship applications and other legal matters. A Muslim lawyer may also provide advice on Islamic law.

The Islamic faith is based on the principle of justice and the rule of law. Muslims believe that Allah, the Almighty, created all humans equal, and that no person or group has a right to dominate over another. Muslims believe that Allah has given humans two sources of authority – the Quran and the Sunnah (the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad). Muslims adhere to natural law, which is based on reason and common sense. 

When it comes to interpreting Islamic law, a Muslim lawyer must take into account the principles of sharia, or divine law. Sharia is derived from God's word, and it is the basis for all legal judgments in Islam. Muslim lawyers must also be familiar with international human rights treaties and other legal instruments that protect human rights. They must also be aware of changes in social mores and understand how those affect Islamic law.

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