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What’s Aggravated Assault in Colorado?

In Colorado, when someone commits a crime of violence against another person, he or she's frequently charged with the attack. The degree of violence along with the intention of this person frequently determines which sort of aggravation is going to be registered. For example, it's a simple attack, assault, or aggravated assault.

Aggravated abuse crime is frequently characterized by someone's intentions, particularly if the individual has planned serious injury to another person. Murder, rape, and battery life are usually strong enough goals to justify a fee.

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Another element that's frequently considered is the degree of injury suffered by the victim of an attack. Attacks that cause severe harm might be sufficient to warrant an aggravated charge. In case a deadly weapon has been used at any given moment during the attack, the aggravated tag can typically be implemented.

Typical Distinctions

To be able to prove an aggravated assault, the prosecution must know:

  • The attack had been committed with intent to cause serious bodily harm
  • A deadly weapon or instrument has been utilized
  • The victim's capability to withstand has been impaired by restraints or bonds
  • The attack caused temporary or permanent disfigurement
  • The attack was perpetrated after the person entered the victim's house

In Colorado, aggravated assault is a serious offense and frequently carries heavier penalties compared to simple assault or battery fees. Individuals charged frequently face significant jail time if found guilty. It's essential that anybody who stands accused of attack consult with a legal practitioner to talk about their alternatives and make their defense.