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Why You Should Consider Third Party Inspection For Garment

Generally, the quality control standards for export are strictly set, as this company also holds the reputation of the country, whose company is doing the export. Quality control is practiced in the apparel industry from the last phase of raw material sourcing to the final finished garment stage.

You can appoint one or more full-time inspectors to assist in managing product quality locally. You can find the best garment quality inspector services in New Jersey.

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Importers usually appoint full-time inspectors on a salary basis to visit their supplier's factory and regularly report on the quality and condition of their shipments. Several advantages of hiring full-time quality control inspection staff abroad include:

  • Ease of management and training:- Some apparel importers find it easier to manage full-time inspectors than third-party inspectors or the factory's own QC staff. As their direct employer, you generally have full control over full-time inspectors to follow your procedures and follow your policies.
  • Consistent reporting:- Since inspectors will be working exclusively for you, you have more assurance that they are using the same garment inspection methods and procedures for every inspection. Also generally familiar with the history of their products and potential quality issues related to them.
  • Smooth communication:- Full-time inspectors are usually native speakers of the local language, who can help communicate seamlessly about your product needs. Apparel importers often enjoy relatively greater control over the inspection process, employing full-time QC staff. But there are some compelling reasons why you cannot appoint a full-time inspector.