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Your Company’s Marketing and Strategies for Advertising

You are aware that you would like to start your own company. You've thoroughly analyzed your options and picked the one that's best for you. You've completed the fundamental steps and are now prepared to get going. If you're looking to succeed right from the beginning you'll require at minimum a basic marketing plan.

Notice that here the term used is "basic marketing plans" not "full complete enterprise plan." This is because we don't subscribe to the view that a micro business should be spending the time and effort to create a long business plan at the beginning. 

There is a need to commit certain ideas to paper so that you can have a business strategy & operations to begin but a complete business plan is beyond the reach of many people at this point in the game.

If you're not investing or taking out large amounts of cash that are suggested to you keep the basics and focus your time on things that will lead you closer to earning money. 

A thorough business plan can consume your time and energy that can be better spent on these profitable tasks. Additionally, preparing a thorough business plan now could mislead your plans unless you have a thorough knowledge of your business.