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Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers

All automatic swimming pool safety cover systems have the same basic design which consists of a flexible cover material, a roll up drum, a tracking system with rope take up reels and a powertrain.

Pulling the cover material off the swimming pool is accomplished by the turning of the roll up drum which the cover wraps up on, while pulling the cover on to the swimming pool is accomplished by the turning of a set of reels which the cover ropes wrap up on. The ropes and cover material run through a multi-channeled track having a pulley at one end. The ropes are then threaded through a pulley system which routes them to the rope take up reels.

There are two basic powertrains for an automatic swimming pool safety cover system; the first being an electric gear motor driven and the second being a hydraulic fluid driven.

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Electric motor driven – This type of system is driven by any number of brands and sizes of electric gear motors (suited for the size and configuration of the pool cover) placed at the drive end of the mechanism.

The gear motor turns in the direction of desired cover travel. Switching of direction is accomplished by a simple set of reversed single-dog gears and a double-dog gear. Adjustable torque-limiting devices are used to limit stress on the system at the ends of the covers travel as well as acting as stop sensors.

The electric motors being used by today's manufacturers are designed especially for this application and are completely submersible, so water damaged motors have become a thing of the past.