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Different Types Of Barrels

Bolt action rifles are some of the most popular hunting firearms on the market. They offer a high degree of accuracy and can be modified to fit any hunter’s needs. 

There are different types of barrels available on bolt action rifles, each with its own advantages. The barrel type is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a bolt action rifle. If you are looking for the barrels, visit

action gun parts

Here are three types of barrels that you may encounter: 

  • Smooth Barrel: This type of barrel is characterized by its lack of rifling. This means that the bullet doesn’t travel along a series of grooves in the barrel, which can reduce accuracy. 

  • Rifled Barrel: Rifled barrels contain rows of tiny machined holes that guide the bullet as it travels down the barrel. This increases accuracy and reduces noise and recoil. 

  • Suppressed Barrel: A suppressed barrel contains special features that help reduce noise and recoil. These features include a tight fit between the barrel and frame and the use of a silencer.

  • Threaded Barrel: A threaded barrel has an outside thread to hold the suppressor on the end of the barrel. This allows you to attach a suppressor without having a permanent hole in your pistol, so it is less likely to get damaged when stored or carried. 

If you want your pistol to have a unique look, you can have your gunsmith custom make it with any kind of grip, stock, or other modifications that make your pistol unique.