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Ornamental and Costume Lingerie – Sheer French Lingerie

Many women love the idea of having a large collection of underwear. There are many different types and each one has a different purpose. Basically, they fall into two categories. One is designed for protection and maintenance. You can view my sources for different colors of underwear that are usually designed to be worn under other clothing. 

There is also underwear for decoration or costume pieces. They are intricately designed with various types of ornaments. They are usually intended for show and are not recommended for everyday use. 

An example of underwear for a show is pure French underwear. Often this is not completely done from pure ingredients. Depending on the overall feeling of the underwear set, there are still textiles made of cotton, silk, and lace. 

Although mostly made of pure materials, other types of textiles are needed for accents. While some kits come in one color, pieces that have two or three color schemes are best because the style is more eye-catching. 

If the base is transparent black, the top apron will be more visible if it is white or off-white. Although black and white are the most common color themes for this type of underwear, many designers have modified them with updated color palettes. 

The inclusion of strong colors as accents in piping, ribbons, and ties distinguishes an outfit from standard underwear styles. Since purely French underwear is designed for decorative undergarment and is often used without other clothing, women must also consider the practical aspects.